On Sept. 27 in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, millions of citizens watched the death of decorum, bipartisanship, the rule of law, the #MeToo movement and respect normally shown between elected members.

Committee rules were trashed and not adhered to by the members. Decorum died when ultraliberal protestors constantly disrupted the hearings. While this is allowed under the First Amendment, it indicates the hatred of all things Donald Trump.

The rule of law died when the accuser was not required to show any proof and the three witnesses she listed all denied even being there. She could not say where the assault occurred or when it occurred. She does not recall how she arrived at the house or how she left, but she can recall that Brett Kavanaugh did assault her. Wow!

While it was important that she be heard, it is also important that proof be shown. Like-minded liberals should hang their heads in shame for the actions of these committee members.

To ruin a man's reputation and family life while damaging the innocent children’s childhood, all because “she said”; no proof, just “she said.”

Don Bevin, Haines City