The county property tax increase is based on faulty logic and nonsense ["Commission approves property tax rate increase," Sept. 11].

Have present homeowners pay for projected growth that is 10 years away. Hire 234 new workers because we might need them in 10 years. Instead let's hire them when we actually do need them, and then maybe taxes from the additional growth will cover the cost.

County Manager Jim Freeman stated as we go forward, this will be a continuing challenge to fund. So he is stating funding is a problem and his solution is to add 234 new workers that will shave a minute off response time? With this backward thinking, funding will always be a bigger, growing problem. Let's not put the horse in front of the cart. Keep government overhead low; 234 new hires doesn't do that.

The money can be better spent. What good is it to have a fire truck dispatched when it is stuck in traffic? Improving our roads would shave much more than a minute. Plus more roads would improve life for everyone, every day. And it would reward the taxpayers now, not 10 years from now.

Joyce Healey, Lakeland