Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville Police Officer Maj. Olimpia Jackson and Training and Mission Readiness Officer Jim Butters were recognized by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) for outstanding community service Dec. 13.

The awards ceremony was held in the Patrol Assembly Hall at the Police Memorial Building on East Bay Street in downtown Jacksonville. 

Jackson and Butters were selected by the JSO Meritorious Review Board to receive a certificate of appreciation their participation during an active shooter drill at First Coast High School.

“My role in the drill was the planning of the scenario during the two exercises,” said Butters.

“JSO reached out to us because we had worked with them previously and they knew that we’ve coordinated many active shooter drills. JSO and the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department participate in many of the drills we hold aboard the station.”

According to Butters, it’s an honor to be recognized.

“I appreciate this and enjoy working with our counterparts outside the base. It’s a team effort,” he said.

“I am very honored,” Jackson said of the award.

“It feels great. I really enjoy working with them. I like the interrelationships we have with outside agencies, not only JSO but also the other surrounding law enforcement agencies as well.”

Jackson and the NAS Jacksonville Police Department work routinely with JSO during training and shooting drills.

“We do a lot of active shooter training and other drills with JSO in the high schools,” said Jackson, a 27-year veteran police officer who has been a police training instructor here since 2007.

Jackson sees great value in working with other area law enforcement agencies.

“Everyone benefits from our working together,” she said.

“It makes this a safer place to live for us all.”