Safety is always an important theme for the holiday season. Whether frying a turkey or stringing up lights on the roof, deliberate safety measures should always be in practice. This year Patrol Squadron (VP) 30 decided to put a twist on the Thanksgiving Safety Stand-down Nov. 21 in Hangar 30.

During the event, the command incorporated a safety fair to supplement the standard training. The goal was to increase safety awareness while keeping all of the participants engaged.

“It was great to see the command getting all the work centers involved this year, said AD1 Oliver Clarke of the VP-30 Safety Department. “Each center had a designated topic that they worked on in conjunction with the Safety Department.”

There were more than 20 presentations set up in Hangar 30 to educate staff and students on the various safety mishaps that are prevalent during the Thanksgiving and holiday season.

“In addition to traditional briefings on pertinent safety related topics, we have developed and incorporated a safety fair which provides an opportunity for command members to remain physically active during a walk and talk session in the hangar bay,” said AM1 Orlando Gari, VP-30’s ground safety petty officer. VP-30’s Chief’s Mess also donated their skills by deep-frying more than 40 turkeys during the event.

Cmdr. William Bushman, VP-30’s executive officer, said “Thanksgiving is just about being thankful, and I’m definitely thankful for my time as being your executive officer, and for all you do every day to keep our squadron running safely.”

VP-30 staff and students ended the event by sharing a Thanksgiving meal.