The “Red Lancers” of Patrol Squad-ron (VP) 10 returned home to Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville Oct. 10, after completing a six-month P-8A Poseidon deployment to the U.S. 6th Fleet Area of Responsibility (AOR). Led by Commanding Officer Cmdr. Chad Donnelly, VP-10 consists of over 250 personnel and seven aircraft.

This was VP-10’s second P-8A Poseidon deployment and its first in support of U.S. European Command. Conducting operations primarily out of NAS Sigonella, Italy, VP-10 aircrews and aircraft brought the Poseidon’s advanced sensors and increased range to the Mediterranean, Baltic and Norwegian Seas, as well as the North Atlantic Ocean.

VP-10 successfully executed over 4,600 flight hours in support of deployed operations including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance flights (ISR) and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions. While in the 6th Fleet AOR, VP-10 operated out of 13 different countries across Europe, demonstrating the P-8A’s expeditionary capability.

When asked what he would remember most from his this deployment, AWO2 Daniel Meader said, “Traveling and operating in countries such as Norway and Scotland was unforgettable. We were able to work effectively as a team and accomplish missions that were a part of something greater than ourselves.”

In addition to ISR and ASW missions, VP-10 aircrews provided support to a carrier strike group and participated in four air shows all across Europe.

The Red Lancers also provided humanitarian assistance operations in the form of real time support to Greek first responders while they fought the worst fires the Attica Peninsula had seen since 2007.

The Red Lancers’ success was made possible by the daily efforts of their maintenance and support personnel. All of the maintenance divisions were able to ensure the mission was completed both in Sigonella and all across the AOR at the numerous detachment sites, never faltering from their duties. Administrative support personnel consistently worked around-the-clock to ensure detachment operations were successful upon arrival to a new airfield.

Donnelly highlighted his team’s accomplishment upon arrival to NAS Jacksonville, “Six months ago we said our hardest goodbyes, but today we say the sweetest hello. I am extremely proud of what the Red Lancers accomplished in 6th Fleet. They worked together to overcome every obstacle and produced unmatched support to theater commanders”