The semi-annual update/verification of personal information in the Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) by all Navy military and civilian personnel must be completed no later than Sept. 30. If a record has been updated in the system between May 1 and Sept. 30, that record is considered validated for the deadline.

NFAAS is the system utilized by the Navy to account for personnel and their families during widespread natural or man-made disasters. Accurate contact information of personnel and family members is required to facilitate a quick and accurate muster of personnel in affected areas.

To update contact data, utilize the NFAAS site at Login and update member information under the *My Info* tab, *Contact Information* section, and update sponsor’s work location information. Update family member information under the *My Info* tab, *Family Member Info* section.

Edit member and family member information as necessary and verify as current. All family members enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program must be identified as such.

Last, remember to “Verify Info as Current” to save your information before exiting the system.