Emergency Response teams from Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville responded to a simulated OTTO Fuel II spill at Building 327 in support of Navy Munitions Command (NMC) Detachment Jacksonville Torpedo Readiness Assessment (TRA) Aug. 9.

GM1 Christopher Grabb, training team coordinator for NMC DET worked closely with NAS Jacksonville’s Training Officer Jim Butters to develop the simulated drill that would capture the coordination of emergency response assets from the installation.

The scenario of a simulated failed handling strap causing a dropped weapon to crack and leak the torpedo fuel initiating a 911 response by the NAS Jacksonville Fire Department and Environmental Spill team led by Jim Taylor.

The lead civilian TRA inspector and senior military inspector evaluated the team’s support as the best they have seen and they set the bar for other torpedo service detachments.

Lt. William Keaton, NMC assistant officer in charge stated, “The drill went extremely well. Everyone came together to accomplish our goal, and accomplished it flawlessly. It is a true testament of the outstanding team and support we have aboard NAS Jacksonville.”