Patrol Squadron (VP) 30 personnel recently took a P-8A Poseidon to the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) at Royal Air Force (RAF) Fairford in Gloucestershire, England. 

The RIAT, is one of the biggest air shows internationally, attracting aircraft and crews from around the globe. 

The event ran from July 13-16 coincided with the centenary year of the Royal Air Force, which was founded in 1918 as the world’s first independent Air Force. 

Squadron Leaders Mark Faulds and Ian Tuff were presented with their 1,000 hour P-8A badges by the Right Honourable Gavin Williamson, Member of Parliament, Secretary of State for Defence. 

Lt. Torrey Plum was the PPC and Lt. Cmdr. Larry Malone was the detachment commander. Five Royal Air Force personnel from Seedcorn at Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville attended the event including MAcr Keith Treece, Flash Utting and FS Steve Dixon. The maintenance personnel were led by AMCS Chris Simon. 

All had a great week, representing the RAF and U.S. Navy. They were staggered by the amount of interest the P-8A Poseidon. The RAF receive their first P-8A at NAS Jacksonville in October 2019, and the first RAF crews start training at NAS Jacksonville in January 2019.