Whether you are a motorcycle novice or you are an experienced rider, everyone who wants to operate a motorcycle aboard Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville needs to take and pass the Basic Rider Course (BRC).

The BRC is an entry-level course that teaches the fundamentals of safe, responsible motorcycle riding. The two-day course combines five hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of riding instruction on an enclosed track.

Six students signed up to take the course May 29-30. Up to 12 students can take the BRC, with one instructor for every six students.

“They will be learning lots of good stuff,” said Leslie Woods, rider coach.

“We are going to be working on friction zone use. We are going to be working on stopping, cornering, curves, braking, the basics for riding.”

Woods is new to NAS Jacksonville, but she has been teaching motorcycle operation and safety classes for several years.

Topics of the classroom portion of the BRC include basic motorcycle operation, street riding strategy, as well as common riding situations and emergency situations.

The riding exercises begin with students familiarizing themselves with the different parts of a motorcycle.

Only after students have a good feel for the controls do they climb aboard and begin basic riding drills, which include starting and stopping drills, shifting, maneuvering in limited spaces and quick stops.

“The course is going pretty good,” said Daniel Anderson after the first exercises on day two.

“It’s a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.” Anderson is a beginning rider who said that the most difficult part for him was “learning to sway with the bike and getting the feel of it.”

After passing BRC, riders who want to further improve their riding skills can then take Basic Rider Course 2 and then the Advanced Rider Course.

The more advanced courses are optional, as only the BRC is required to ride a motorcycle on base.

EOCN Juan Barreto of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14, has been riding for about two years. He signed up for the BRC to ride his motorcycle on base, but he also took the class because he wants to be a better rider.

“I’m always trying to improve on the basic skills,” he said.

The classroom for all the rider courses on NAS Jacksonville is in the second floor training room of the Auto Hobby Shop in Building 622 at the corner of Birmingham Avenue and Jason Street.

The BRC is open to all skill levels and is offered weekly with occasional weekend classes.

For more information, or to check the schedules and availability of all rider courses, please call 542-2584 or 542-3082 or go to www.navymotorcyclerider.com.