The Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS Jax) Law Enforcement Team, in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, will actively participate in the 2018 “Click-It or Ticket” seatbelt campaign. Each year law enforcement agencies promote vehicle seatbelt utilization through strict enforcement of seatbelt laws. The campaign begins May 14 and ends June 4.

Failure to buckle –up in compliance with state laws by the driver and/or passengers allows law enforcement officers to conduct a traffic stop and issue a citation for the infraction. In Florida and on government installations, seatbelt usage is now considered a “primary offense.” NAS Jax upholds a “zero tolerance” policy for failure to use vehicle seatbelts and maintains that non-compliance of the seatbelt law is a primary offense.

In May, the campaign will continue to focus on teens and young adult drivers while broadening its outreach to the military, as traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for our service members and families.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that since the enforcement mobilizations program began, child fatalities have dropped significantly. Child restraint use for infants under one year of age has risen considerably, and restraint use among toddlers ages 1-4 has jumped even more dramatically over the past three years.

Last year, adult seatbelt use rose to the nation’s highest utilization rate ever.

With more than 90 million Americans buckling up you would think everyone’s finally gotten the message, however that is not true. Last year, Duval County was still among some of the highest numbers for traffic fatalities in the State of Florida.

Please join us and become a team member in our effort to save lives and reduce injuries by promoting seatbelt utilization.

Don’t become one of the 2018 statistics by failing to buckle up.