From NAS Jax Morale, Welfare and Recreation 

More than 90 spectators were on hand at the NAS Jacksonville Fitness Center Feb. 8 for the station's first powerlifting competition.

Powerlifting is a strength sport consisting of three events: squat, bench press, and deadlift. All competitors are given three attempts in each event to lift the highest weight possible. At the end of three events, the highest weight lifted for each event is combined to determine the total amount of weight lifted by each competitor. 

Winners of each weight class were determined using the Wilk's formula, which is based on the total weight lifted and the individual's body weight. Each competitor was required to weigh in before the competition in order to use the Wilk's formula.

The event attracted 30 men and three women who were divided into weight classes. For the women's division, the weight classes were: lightweight 0-125lbs; middleweight: 126-165; and heavyweight 166+. For the men's division, the weight classes were: lightweight 0-145; middleweight 146-225; and the heavyweight 226+.

There were three judges for the competition:

⢠Head Judge Bill Campbell, a certified USAPL coach and National Bench Press Champion in the Masters Division;

⢠Brian Williams, an NAS Jax fitness assistant and state powerlifting competitor; 

⢠Tanya Henigman, NAS Jax fitness director and national qualifier in powerlifting. 

Naval Hospital Jacksonville corpsmen and paramedics from First Coast Navy Fire & Emergency Services were on hand to assist with any medical emergencies. 

Henigman said, "Both competitors and spectators said this was a great event for the powerlifting community -and are eager for more events like this."

Powerlifting Results

Men's Middleweight:

FIRST - HM3 Curtis Gaines,
Naval Hospital Jax

Bench 275, Squat 450, Deadlift 465

SECOND - ATC Chad Hutchens, HSM-40

Bench 335, Squat 335, Deadlift 405

THIRD - Stephen Meyer, DoD

Bench 335, Squat 425, Deadlift 445

Men's Heavyweight:

FIRST - GSEC Bryain Williams, TPU/PCF

Bench 440, Squat 635, Deadlift 675

SECOND - HNSN Lewis Bradshaw, NBHC Jax

Bench 345, Squat 375, Deadlift 570

THIRD - AWV1 Evelio Perez, VP-30

Bench 265, Squat 405, Deadlift 470

Women's Lightweight:

FIRST - Amiee Johnson, dependent

Bench 70, Squat 115, Deadlift 160

Women's Middleweight:

FIRST - LS ATA Celeste Bowie,
RAN 725 Squadron

Bench 100, Squat 135, Deadlift 175

Women's Heavyweight:

FIRST - AD2 Patricia Thuestad, FRCSE

Bench 145, Squat 200, Deadlift 275