By Reggie Jarrett
Editor Jax Air News
The Executive Department/Command Career Counselor Division (CCC) for Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville earned the Retention Excellence Award for fiscal year 2017. The award recognizes commands whose Career Information Program is highly effective and meets benchmarks in retention and attrition.
It is the third consecutive year that NAS Jacksonville has won the Navywide award.
Leading the CCC division are NCC Eugenia Ortiz and NCC Edwin Perezavila. 
Ortiz attributes the command's success to teamwork. "We work together very well," she said.
"Caring about what you do makes it easier to do your job well."
CCC works with Sailors of all levels to help them decide what career options are best for them, but it is usually first term Sailors who need more guidance because they are more often undecided about reenlisting. "They don't know yet if they want to stay in the Navy or not," Ortiz said. "Whether they want to stay or go, I like to help them reach their goals." 
In addition to reenlistments, CCC helps Sailors with retirements, questions about the G.I. Bill, tuition assistance, transitioning out of the Navy and more.
"Whatever the Sailors goals are, we sit down with them and we go over their career history and we find out what their goals are," Ortiz said. "Then we help them create a timeline as a guide to help them get there."
CCC only has a staff of five people in their office, but they are assisted by divisional/departmental counselors. "Each command has their own command career counselor," Ortiz said.
The additional support helps CCC assist our Sailors make the best career decisions for them.
"It is easy to work when you have a good support system like we have here at NAS Jacksonville," Ortiz said. "From the divisional career counselors all the way up the chain of command to the Captain, there are a bunch of good folks at this command."
Winning awards is not what drives the staff at CCC to excellence. "I take pride in making sure our Sailors get the best help that we can give them," Perezavila said.