By Julie M. Lucas

NAS Jacksonville Public Affairs

The guest speaker for the Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS Jax) Sailor of the Quarter luncheon for fiscal year 2018's first quarter has impressive awards behind his name. Patrol Squadron 16's Sailor of the Year, AWO1 John Herrman is also the Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 11 Sailor of the Year and the Commander, Naval Air Forces Atlantic Sailor of the Year. Despite the accolades, Herrman strives to remember the little things.

"Rank has its responsibilities, but it also has a price," said Herrman, to the audience gathered for the luncheon Feb. 15 at the River Cove Catering and Conference Center.

Nearly 100 Sailors from 30 commands were recognized during the event. NAS Jax Command Master Chief (AW/SW) Jeffery Waters shared duties as emcee of the event with NAS Jax Commanding Officer Capt. Sean Haley. Following the national anthem and invocation, Waters reminded the audience that, "as our Navy continues to evolve, we are faced with new challenges each and every day. Through these challenges, we are often reminded that our greatest asset is our Sailors."

After being introduced by Waters, Herrman spoke about a small change he adopted that helped further him as a leader.

"Never stop learning - by reading 'Lincoln on Leadership,' there was a waterfall effect to other books and listening to podcasts that would develop my skills," Herrman said.

Herrman's final thought for the group was to remember to be invested in Sailors, and help uphold standards and principles, not just regulations.

"When you become a leader it is no longer about you. Your actions will no longer just affect you, and will have lasting impacts on those individuals," he said.

Herrman will soon participate in the U.S. Fleet Forces Sailor of the Year competition.

Following lunch, Haley spoke to the audience, echoing statements from earlier speakers in regarding leadership roles.

"We are here to recognize the best of the best and we what separates us from the rest is truly our people. I think the key is in the oath, which basically says, 'I will not let my shipmate down,'" Haley said.

Haley also took the time to recognize family members in the audience for their contributions, having them stand for recognition.

Awardees were presented a $25 gift card, courtesy of VyStar Credit Union. The Navy Exchange distributed 10 percent discount certificates to all winners.

Additional donated items were also given away, including water bottles and $50 gift cards.

One of the awardees, CM2 Tiara Clay from Transient Personnel Unit/Pre-Trial Confinement Facility Jacksonville, said she has won multiple awards by maintaining a personal standard.

"Being named Sailor of the Quarter isn't a goal, it's about being recognized for all your hard work," Clay said.

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Sailors Of The Quarter - 1ST Quarter FY 18

NAS Jacksonville
SSOQ - AC1 Jason Reed
SOQ - ABH2 Jarred Scifert
JSOQ - MA3 Imani Solomon
Transient Personnel Unit/Pre-Trial Confinement Facility Jax
SOQ - DC1(SW) Jeremiah Bredeson
JSOQ - BM2(SW/AW) Tiara Clay
Fleet Readiness Center Southeast
SSOQ - YN1 Shayla Hammonds
SOQ - AD2(AW) Brian Loftongeorge
JSOQ - AS3(AW) David Miller
BJOQ - LSSA Nickolas Hoffpauir
SSOQ - AT1(AW/SW/IW) Ahmad Zephir
SOQ - AM2(AW/SW) Justin Hensley
JSOQ - AT3 Sabrina Hughes
Navy Region Southeast
SOQ - MU1 Trent Perrin
JSOQ - RP2 Telvin Freeman                 
BJOQ - MU3 Andrew Willis
SSOQ - AME1(AW) Ulysses Zellous III 
SOQ - AZ2(AW) Marc Morales 
JSOQ - PS3(AW) Sonja Peguese 
BJOQ - ATAN(AW) Carlos Suarez
SSOQ - AT1(AW) Christopher Degroat 
SOQ - AD2(AW) Amber Alderson
JSOQ - AO3(AW) Teresa Lara
BJOQ - ITSN Cody Henio
VP- 16
SSOQ - AE1(AW) Delford Lassiter
JSOQ - AE2(AW) Shannon Strange
BJOQ - YNSN Nolan Lee
SSOQ - AM1(AW)  Mark Beckmann
SOQ - AWO2(NAC/AW) Thomas Braman
JSOQ - IT3(AW) James Carver Jr
BJOQ - AOAN(AW) Pedro Alkalaruiz Jr. 
Full Time Support
SOQ - AD1 Shane Stricklin
JSOQ - HM2 James Bright
BJOQ - AD3 Amanda Wood
Selected Reserve
SOQ - AM1 Jason Garcia     
JSOQ - AZ3 Taeshia Brady
BJOQ - AM2 Makinda Leonard
SOQ - AWR1 Patrick Lowther
JSOQ - AD2 William Hawkins
BJOQ - AWR3 Roberto Castanon
SOQ - AD1 Benjamin Boatright
JSOQ - AWR2 Jason Odle
BJOQ - AM3 Meggan Snyder
Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 11
SSOQ - AM1(AW) Samuel Blevins                             
JSOQ - ET2(SW/IW) Jacob Schlehuber
BJOQ - OS3 Leihani Berry
SSOQ - AWO1(NAC/AW) Blake Delise
JSOQ - AWO2(NAC/AW) Daniel Messias
BJOQ - ET3 Ishmael PadinPabon
Navy Operational Support Center
Full Time Support
SOQ - YN1 Myrad Keck
JSOQ - PS2 Santiago Guerrero
Navy Computer &
Telecommunications Station
SSOQ - LS1 Darrell Leak
JSOQ - CE2 Thomas Wierzbicki
BJOQ - IT3 David Gavin
SSOQ - IT1(SW/IW) Robert Green
SOQ - IS2(IW) Katalena Honeycutt
BJOQ - LSSA Marcus Smith
SSOQ - AWO1(NAC/AW) George Freer
SOQ - AWO2(NAC/AW) Christopher Mundell
JSOQ - LS3(AW) Bill Ojienda
BJOQ - AMEAN(AW) Kilah Reddoch
Full Time Support
SOQ - AM1(AW) Joseph Johnson
JSOQ - YN2(AW) Lashanta King
BJOQ - AD2(AW) Samuel Townsend
Selected Reserve
SOQ - YN1(AW) Whitney Brown
JSOQ - AO2 Darius Thomas
BJOQ - AM3 Logan Schroeder
Aviation Survival Training Center Jax
SOQ - PR1 Parnell Nauta
JSOQ - BM2 Timothy Chuck
Naval Hospital Jacksonville
SSOQ -  HM1 Kirby Boudreaux 
SOQ -  HM2 Keelan Jackson 
JSOQ - HM3 Andrew Freire 
BJOQ - HN Jensen Gochenour 
Fleet Logistics Center Jax
SOQ - LS1(SW/EXW) Jared Pugh
Full Time Support
SOQ - AME1 Matthew James
JSOQ - AWF2 Sebastian Moss
BLOQ - AWF3 Nicolle Taus
Selected Reserve
SOQ - AWF1 Amanda Alcantar
JSOQ - AD2 Natisha Wallace
BJOQ - LS3 Noelia AyallAponte
Navy Region Southeast Reserve Component Command
SOQ - LS1(AW) Vitalese Aigbokhan
JSOQ - IT2 (AW) Quiana Manuel
Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Weapons School
SOQ - IS1 Tina Tanner
SSOQ - AWO1(AW) Daniel Ion
JSOQ - AT2(AW) Rowena Todd
BJOQ - PR3(AW) Kalee Vang
SSOQ - AZ1(AW) Ronald Ford
JSOQ - AWO2(NAC/AW) Irma Sanchez
BJOQ - PS3 Anjelica Espinoza
Navy Munitions Command
Detachment Jax
SOQ - AO2 Robert Segarra
Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility Jax
SOQ - AC1 Christopher Tabing
JSOQ - OS2 Na'Tiqua Williams
BJOQ - ACAN Carter Stokes
Naval Oceanographic ASW Detachment
SSOQ - AG1(IW/AW/SW) Tara Crow
JSOQ - AG3 Randie Beacht
Coastal Riverine Squadron 10
SSOQ - EN1 Dalik Bacchus
JSOQ - EN2 Shawn Pettingil