By Twilla Burns
Navy Region Southeast Public Affairs
YN3 Antonio Draughn, OS2 Kelton Harvey and YN1 Chastity Wyntercyrillien were named Commander, Navy Region Southeast's (CNRSE) 2017 Blue Jacket, Junior Sailor and Senior Sailor of the Year for 2017, respectively.
Draughn is a flag administrative assistant for CNRSE. He is responsible for administrative support for the 18 installations across the region's area of responsibility, with his specialty being processing awards and citations.  This year, he has held numerous collateral duties, such as family care plan coordinator, Command Assessment Team member and assistant to the command climate coordinator.
"It feels good being recognized for hard work that you put in on a daily basis," said Draughn.  "I am very honored."  When asked what motivates him to do well at work, Draughn responded, "Bettering myself motivates me to do well at work. The way I look at it is, if I'm going to be in the Navy, why not just do my best and create a better Navy for all."
Along with his duties as a flag administrative assistant, Draughn is actively continuing his education and recently earned his associate's degree.
"He goes above and beyond what I have seen a third class do," said YNCS Terrance Burns, Flag Admin leading chief petty officer. When asked what Draughn's greatest contribution to the office was, Burns replied, "Heart - it's almost like playing a football game. He leaves it all on the field, and in this case he leaves it all on the line for each Sailor and civilian here at Navy Region Southeast."
Harvey is a region watch specialist for CNRSE.  He is responsible for disseminating information from all 18 major Navy installations within the region. Harvey became the battle watch knowledge manager during Hurricane Harvey, which entailed providing constant and accurate updates concerning the storm.  During Hurricane Irma, Harvey helped to establish a secondary Regional Operations Center (ROC) in the event the main ROC lost connectivity due to it being in the path of the storm.
"I'm honored to be selected as Junior Sailor of the Year. A big thanks to those who decided I deserved it," said Harvey. "It was definitely a goal I set for myself on day one, so it feels great to have accomplished it. Thanks to my mentor, Anthony, who pushed me, provided wisdom, and gave me an ideal roadmap to follow."
When asked what advice he had for fellow shipmates, Harvey replied, "Strive for whatever goals you set because they're definitely attainable! Thanks to all the Region Operations Center (ROC) stars because this award isn't just for me, it's for the ROC! Also, I'd like to thank my mom Ella for being my number one supporter even though she wants me home permanently. We, the Sailors, make sacrifices, but we must remember that our family sacrifices, too! Thanks to Navy Region Southeast for allowing me to spread laughter and positive vibes."
Along with his duties as region watch specialist, Harvey maintains the commands Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) equipment and serves as the ROC's Morale, Welfare and Recreation Committee representative.  Harvey constantly keeps his required trainings current, with his most recent training being Federal Emergency Management Agency classes.
"I can't say I'm surprised with his selection, if anything, just from the work he has put in.  I'm very proud of him," said Harvey's supervisor QMC Gregory West. "OS2 Harvey is, in one word, unselfish.  He takes pride in working and training up his fellow shipmates here, both junior and senior in paygrade, and does so in an effective and unpretentious manner.  He cares, and his genuineness shows.  By taking the lead when opportunities are presented, he excels and brings others along with him, which benefits the entire command." 
Wyntercyrillien is the deputy operational support officer for 37 Navy Operational Support Centers, 22 commanding officers, eight unit executive officers, 20 senior enlisted leaders and over 1,000 Reserve Component members within the Southeast Region.  Wyntercyrillien is the region level approving authority for mobilization and select reserve component personnel for active duty service members, and funds manager for active duty training and inactive duty training travel. Wyntercyrillien is also the Human Resources Department Code N1 executive assistant at the Southeast Region.
"I am thankful and humble to have earned the title as Senior Sailor the Year," said Wyntercyrillien. "I not only can reflect on what I have achieved, but it inspires me to engage in more challenging career goals and continue to do the best job I can as a senior enlisted leader."
When asked what advice she had for fellow shipmates, Wyntercyrillien replied, "My advice to my fellow Sailors is to have a plan. Take on the hardest assignments and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Look for a mentor who can advise you and be your coach.  I'm thankful for the strong leadership within the chiefs' mess at Navy Region Southeast.  The Region is made up of total force, and I stress to my fellow Sailors to network with officers, other senior enlisted, civilians, and retired military personnel who are now civilians.   They can provide a wealth of knowledge to each of you, so shadow them and you can watch your Navy career excel." 
Along with her duties as deputy operational support officer, Wyntercyrillien is an assistant command fitness leader, secretary for the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Committee, her department's government purchase card authorizing officer and a command Drug, Alcohol and Program adviser.  Wyntercyrillien is also active in the community.  This year, she has volunteered 84 hours with local community organizations such as Clyde E. Lassen State Veteran's Home, Florida Baptist Children's Home Orphanage and Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park Clean-Up.
Wyntercyrillien is a member of the Parent-Teacher Association at James Weldon Johnson College Preparatory Middle School and Stanton College Preparatory School.
"It feels amazing to have YN1 Wyntercyrillien be selected for Senior Sailor of the Year! She is more than deserving of this honor, and I couldn't think of anyone else better to represent Navy Region Southeast. She is truly the best," said NCCS Yenier Ramirez, Region career counselor.  "Since the first day YN1 reported, she has been on a whole new level, making our jobs extremely easy to do. In the 20 plus years I've served, YN1 is on the short list of those that I've witnessed that has all the qualities in what a model Sailor should be - my very top choice out of thousands observed!" 
Individual selection criteria for the awards was based upon exemplary performance of tasks, contributions that enhanced organization accomplishment of command objectives, mission, teamwork or public image, and one's professional attitude toward self and others.