By Twilla Burns
Navy Region Southeast Public Affairs
Vanessa Givens and Charlene Carter were named Commander, Navy Region Southeast (CNRSE) Senior and Junior Civilians of the Year for 2017, respectively.
Givens is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) specialist in the Region Human Resources Department.  She is responsible for tracking EEO cases in the informal complaint processing stage and prioritizing case deadlines.  She also ensures counselors' reports and outgoing correspondence is completed accurately and in a timely manner.
"I feel truly blessed to have competed with such an elite group of professionals, and then be selected as the Senior Civilian of the Year," said Givens about her selection.
"I am motivated to work hard and put forth my best effort because I know that someone else is depending on me to do my job, and do it well.  Each day when I depart the office, I like to know and feel in my heart that I gave my all.  On the days when there are challenges, I look at them as opportunities to learn more, or even learn something new."
Along with her duties as an EEO specialist, Givens volunteered to be the Commander Navy Information Center (CNIC) onboarding supervisor, overseeing the onboarding process and establishing a more effective and efficient method for bringing on new hires. Givens routinely offers to take on additional duties.
"Vanessa is more than worthy of being Senior Civilian of the Year because of one word, effort," said Carlos Lowe, (acting) Region Human Resources director and deputy Total Force Management director.
"She gives a tireless effort and consideration in everything she works on and does. Her willingness to step up and work several disciplines and areas throughout the command shows her effort and team attitude. Her willingness to work in multiple areas, to help keep them engaged and prospering even when resources are limited makes her a champion and a team player in my opinion. This is what any good supervisor wants from an employee - a team player and someone who is willing to go above and beyond."
Carter is a financial management analyst in the Region Finance Department.  She is responsible for various accounting tasks, and often develops standard operating procedures to be used within the Finance Department.  Carter's efforts contributed to an efficient and easy accounting system closeout for fiscal year 2017.
"I am absolutely honored and grateful to receive such an esteemed title as Junior Civilian of the Year," said Carter. "It is truly an inspiring privilege that makes me want to strive further and push harder!"
When asked what advice she had for fellow co-workers, Carter replied, "Continuously raise the bar; set goals, do the work to achieve them and repeat the process. Not only will it allow them to flourish personally and professionally, but it will also positively impact those around them and ensure mission completion."
In addition to contributing to a successful fiscal year 2017 closeout, Carter ensured her department successfully completed Phase III of the Triannual by tracking completion.  Carter assisted with creating job order number/local use and job order numbers to track hurricane costs.
"She is a true role model employee," said Supervisory Financial Analyst Erica Milton. "FY 2017 was an extremely difficult year for CNRSE N8 Transactional Accounting Department due to transitioning to a new accounting system with little guidance. Ms. Carter took this opportunity to excel as a trailblazer. She researched how to preform various accounting tasks and documented the process in a Standard Operating Procedure for other team members to use. She went above and beyond by providing one-on-one question-and-answer sessions with each respective N8 branch to ensure everyone was aware and understood the changes to the Triannual."
Individual selection criteria for the awards was based upon exemplary performance of tasks, contributions that enhanced organization accomplishment of command objectives, mission, teamwork or public image, and one's professional attitude toward self and others.