By Twilla Smith
Public Affairs Specialist,
Navy Region Southeast Public Affairs
Vanessa Givens and Charlene Carter were named Commander, Navy Region Southeast (CNRSE) Senior and Junior Civilians of the Quarter for the fourth quarter 2017, respectively.
Givens is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) specialist in the Region Human Resources Department.  She is responsible for tracking EEO cases in the informal complaint processing stage and prioritizing case deadlines.  She also ensures counselors' reports and outgoing correspondence is completed accurately and in a timely manner.
"I am really excited," said Givens about her selection. "Although I am the person who was selected as the Senior Civilian of the Quarter, I believe that this recognition reflects the work of the entire N1 Team."  When asked how she deals with daily challenges, Givens replied, "I view each challenge as an opportunity to learn something new.  As a result, I welcome every challenge and look forward to collaborating with personnel within the command to identify solutions."
Along with her duties as an EEO Specialist, Givens has stepped up as a Department of Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program instructor, teaching employees and supervisors the new program.  Givens routinely offers to take on additional duties.
"I feel both elated and proud at the same time about Ms. Givens selection," said Carlos Lowe, (acting) Region Human Resources director and deputy Total Force Management director.  "Often when working in EEO and Human Resources, your job is customer satisfaction and listening to the complaints and needs of other employees throughout the region that are not particularly happy about something.  Being recognized for assisting others is always a great thing for an employee, but for Ms. Givens, this says a lot. She is genuinely concerned with every employee or customer, and practices consistent professionalism when at work."
Carter is a financial management analyst in the Region Finance Department.  She is responsible for various accounting tasks and often develops standard operating procedures to be used within the Finance Department.  Carter's efforts contributed to an efficient and easy accounting system closeout for fiscal year 2017.  "I feel very honored and proud to receive such a title as Civilian of the Fourth Quarter, especially given the amount of stellar civilians assigned to CNRSE," said Carter. "It was not expected, but it is definitely much appreciated!" 
When asked what advice she had for fellow co-workers Carter replied, "The only advice I can give is to focus on the tasks at hand, realize we are not in this alone, and every action and transaction is impactful."
In addition to contributing to a successful fiscal year 2017 closeout, Carter ensured her department successfully completed Phase III of the Triannual by tracking completion.  Carter
assisted with creating job order number/local use and job order numbers to track hurricane costs.
"I am pleased to see Ms. Charlene Carter was selected as Junior Civilian of the Quarter for the Fourth Quarter," said Supervisory Financial Analyst Erika Milton. "She truly deserves it as she has tackled numerous tasks this quarter.  Her assistance resulted in Region financial data being accurate for fiscal year 2017 closeout. Ms. Carter has a positive attitude and displays admirable teamwork."
Individual selection criteria for the awards was based upon exemplary performance of tasks, contributions that enhanced organization accomplishment of command objectives, mission, teamwork or public image, and one's professional attitude toward self and others.