By Lt. Steve Mehr

VP-5 Public Affairs

Patron Squadron 5 (VP-5) recently completed their Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection (CWTPI) in which the 'Mad Foxes' aviation ordnancemen achieved 400 points out of a possible 400. 

Led by VP-5's gunner, Lt. j.g. Gary Woods, the multi-day assessment began with a detailed administrative audit, which involved observing how the Aviation Ordnance (AO) Shop organizes publications as well as reviewing qualification certifications and training structures.

The inspection also included an assessment of standard weapon practices and procedures, which required the 'Mad Foxes' to demonstrate proper pre-operation inspections on all gear that was to be used during ordinance loading, as well as an aircraft ordnance load. Ordnance teams installed a Harpoon (an anti-ship cruise missile) on the wing, a torpedo in the weapon bay, and loaded the P-8A with flares and smokes. 

 "We treated the inspection just as we would treat a real scenario," said AO2 Colton Dull, the team leader for the harpoon load.

"We made sure all standard procedures were observed."

CWTPI concluded with Combat Air Crew 3 (CAC-3) employing one recoverable torpedo, thirty flares and a smoke on a firing range located near the Bahamas. 

"VP-5 and the Weapons School hold high standards for ordnance deployment," said Lt. j.g. Ben Grove, CAC-3's co-tactical coordinator.

"A lot of preparation leading up to the event assured the standards were adhered to."

CWTPI is one of many assessments conducted prior to a squadron's deployment. The Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Weapons School (MPRWS) looks for standardization and proficiency of a squadron's ability to load weapons in accordance with ordnance procedures as well as overall weapon control. 

"The inspection occurred at a very busy time for the squadron and for the ordnance team in particular," said Cmdr. Will Toraason, VP-5's commanding officer.

"To achieve a 100 percent score is truly impressive given all the demands we face. We are proud of our team and are committed to warfighting excellence."

With a few months left during their home cycle, the VP-5 Mad Foxes continue to prepare for their next deployment to Sigonella, Italy and El Salvador this fall.