By Clifford Davis

Fleet Readiness Center Southeast Public Affairs

Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) has earned the prestigious Chief of Naval Operations Activity Excellence in Shore Safety Award for 2016 in the large industrial category.

The award recognizes efficiency of operations through safety, using an aggressive safety management system as well as new ideas in mishap prevention.

"This award wouldn't have been possible without everyone's efforts," FRCSE safety director Peter Gallant said. "This command-led effort creates a culture built around the two great safety pillars: senior leadership involvement and worker participation."

The award serves as recognition of the culture of safety the command and senior leadership has strived for over the last few years.

In 2015, the Skipper's Safe Site Challenge was implemented. The challenge breaks up the command into 10 application areas. Each application area is carved into individual Safe Sites. Each Safe Site enlists their own workers to list any safety concerns on boards throughout the plant, which are then addressed by management.

"The employee participation to identify safety concerns around the plant on our safety concern boards has been crucial," Gallant said. "When you have worker participation and you have senior leadership involvement, you can really make a difference."

The FRCSE Safety Office is continually on the lookout for new safety equipment and processes to make the work of employees as hazardless as possible.

New Tuff Built "cubes" were acquired last year that work like cranes, with the worker attached via harness to an overhead boom while working atop aircraft.

In addition to the award and new safety equipment, FRCSE recently obtained an international safety certification usually only seen in the private sector.

Known as Occupational Health and Safety Management System 18001, the certification assures customers that an organization achieves efficiency through safety.

"There's an expectation that a world-class organization like FRCSE is registered in a safety management system," Gallant said. "It just makes good business sense, because everyone recognizes this system approach is the way to go."