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Navy Band Southeast (NBSE), under the direction of Lt. Scott Mythen, is one of 11 official U.S. Navy bands and proudly represents Commander, Navy Region Southeast. 

NBSE was established in 1995 and consists of 45 highly trained professional musicians dedicated to the highest levels of musical performance. 

Highly versatile, the band or any of its various sub-groups - Ceremonial Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Pride, Brass Quintet, Woodwind Quintet, VIP Combo and TGIF - are perfect for the widest variety of musical settings including military ceremonies, public concerts and parades. 

All Navy bands are field activities within the Navy Personnel Command Navy Music Program Management Branch which sets policy for all Navy bands so each one looks and operates the same. The Navy Music Program is composed of traditional band instrumentation, vocalist/entertainers, and rhythm players (electric bass, guitar, piano, and percussion). 

Navy Band Southeast is comprised of six performing units. The band also has solo guitarists, pianists and vocalists who perform year round. Solo vocalists traditionally sing the national anthem at opening ceremonies.

The Rock Band "Pride" is made up of eight performers. Pride plays a variety of Top-40 rock and roll music, entertaining audiences at local military events and public concerts throughout the Southeast region.

The Jazz Ensemble performs many different popular styles of jazz. They have entertained thousands of audiences throughout the Southeastern United States, Puerto Rico and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with Latin beats and jazz classics.

With five members, the Woodwind Quintet performs for banquets, dining events, public concerts and school programs. The quintet plays classical and contemporary music from Bach to Mozart and Bernstein to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The music of the Brass Quintet encompasses styles from traditional brass quintet literature to the popular music of today. The five performers play music suitable for music education clinics, receptions, military ceremonies, public concerts and schools including a unique educational program specifically designed for elementary children.

The Ceremonial Band has approximately 23 performers and offers a more patriotic musical style specializing in military change of commands, retirements and other military ceremonies.

The Marching Band, which utilizes all personnel, specializes in pass-and-review, as well as military parades.