By Julie M. Lucas
NAS Jacksonville Public Affairs

Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS Jax) will continue its tradition of flying the retention pennant with a third consecutive win of the Navy Installations Command Retention Excellence Award.

Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) announced the winners Jan. 23.

This award is given to those commands meeting annual benchmarks and achieving a passing grade of 90 points or better on the Career Development Program review.

No "failed to submit" incidences in the Career Waypoints system and a minimum of 85 percent of Veterans Opportunity to Work Act of 2011 compliance documented in Defense Manpower Data Center system were also bullets that added to the success of the office and meeting the requirements.
   The annual reenlistment rate benchmarks were: 35 percent for Zone A, 51 percent for Zone B and 60 percent for Zone C. The command attrition for Zone A must be equal or less than 5 percent.
Zone A applies to "first termers" or those who are enlisted less than six years. Zone B applies to "middle management" or those who are in the Navy 6-10 years and Zone C are "upper management" or those who are enlisted for 10-16 years. 

"Not only do we exceed the Navy's expectations for retention but we take pride in taking care of each Sailor in our command," said NCC (AW/SW) Edwin Perez of the NAS Jax Command Career Counselor Office. 

"We continually win this award not only due to retention, but it's our other programs including sponsorship, indoctrination, family care plan, exceptional family member, command financial specialist, ombudsman, educational services officer and transition officer that are evaluated. The retention team at NAS Jax works hard each day making sure all these programs are effective for our Sailors," Perez said.

The department and divisional career counselors are part of a retention team that holds training monthly to discuss how to better help Sailors to achieve their military and personal goals. 

"We try to keep the Sailors focused on their goals and help them become the best Sailors possible," said NC1(SW) Eugenia Ortiz. "And, we rely on command leadership to be involved in their Sailors' careers by guiding them on the best path for advancement, retention, personal and professional development."
Last year, 50 Sailors reenlisted at NAS Jax.

"This is a command-wide award that's difficult to achieve. By working together, from the commanding officer on down, we've done a really good job by keeping our retention team members current on new guidelines and programs so we can better assist our Sailors," said Perez.

In a message announcing the winners, CNIC Vice Adm. Dixon Smith states this award demonstrates the career counselors, "dedication and commitment to the career programs not only exemplifies your superb performance, but also attests to your concern for the professional needs of our Sailors."