By Lt. Spencer Washom
VP-30 Public Affairs

Patrol Squadron (VP) 30 filled its auditorium Jan. 9 to celebrate the achievements of a selection of its sailors to start the New Year with a fresh focus on safety. 

Newly returned from the holiday leave periods, the Pro's Nest had the pleasure of recognizing its members' performance over the past year and looking forward to more challenges ahead. 

Five shipmates were acknowledged in front of the squadron as part of 11 total awards. 

Of particular note was the presentation of AE2 (AW) Gerald Williams with his Navy Achievement Medal, selection as the Junior Sailor of the Quarter, as well as the prestigious selection of Junior Sailor of the Year. 

The squadron took the opportunity to reflect on the previous year's safety concerns and successes, maintenance achievements, and current goals. 

Briefers from multiple departments spoke to the constantly changing atmosphere of the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force (MPRF).

The Pro's Nest continued responsibilities as the "Model for the Fleet."

Looking forward, VP-30 Commanding Officer Capt. David Whitehead placed specific emphasis on the safety culture of the squadron.

While 2016 brought success throughout its operations, Whitehead reiterated that this was a continuing mission that requires the constant vigilance and attention of its members. 

He said that the Pro's Nest enters 2017 with a substantial agenda - including Phase II of the West Coast P-3C/P-8A transition, continued integration of the Triton unmanned program, and the constant production of trained personnel for the fleet in all three platforms. 

Commendation Medal

AWOC Brian High 

AMC Bryan Yumul 

Navy Achievement Medal

AWO1 Andrew Coffer 

AM1 Daniel Malone
(Sailor in the Arena)

AO1 Keon Williams 

AE2 Kristopher Fimple (Sailor in the Arena)

AE2 Christopher Perez 

PR3 Hiroto Herman


PO2 Alek Stirnaman

Junior Sailor of the Year 

AE2(AW) Gerald Williams