By Lt. Andrew Kirchert
VP-30 Public Affairs Office

Patrol Squadron (VP) 30 Commanding Officer Capt. David Whitehead recently addressed his maintenance team at an all-hands quarters following a tremendously successful 2016 inspection season.

The squadron, which holds both P-3 and P-8 responsibilities was scrutinized down to the last nut and bolt as part of the annual inspection process covering all shops and programs. 

The arrival of the Aviation Maintenance Inspection (AMI) team brings equal measures of excitement and tension to a squadron eager to prove its status as the standard for the fleet.

The Pro's Nest rose to the challenge and received a sterling review from their evaluators.

Occurring around the same time as AMI, the Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection (CWTPI) looks more specifically into the ordnance and weapons departments with an equal level of detail. 

In the wake of these evaluations and their immensely positive results, Whitehead proudly awarded 16 Sailors and 11 civilians in front of their peers. 

AMI Awards NCM

⢠SCPO Guadalupe Gonzalez, Quality Assurance Supervisor

AMI Awards NAM

⢠CPO Grover Quiambao, Corrosion Control and Prevention Program Manager

⢠PO1 William Davison, Data Analysis Program Manager

⢠PO1 Jeremy Lutheran, Quality Assurance Division Leading Petty Officer

⢠PO1 Nathan Murry, Quality Assurance Representative

⢠PO1 Andrew Redman II, Technical Directive Program Coordinator

⢠PO2 Latrasha Andrews, Support Equipment Planned Maintenance System (SE PMS) Program Coordinator

⢠PO2 Timothy Czubek, Hazardous Material Control and Management Program Coordinator

⢠PO2 Richard Jennings, Line Division Leading Petty Officer

⢠PO2 Kimberly Medzyak, Maintenance Training Program Coordinator

⢠PO2 Marcus Miciotto, Maintenance Training Program Fleet Administrator

⢠PO2 Laporsha Shelton, Ordnance Qualification Certification Program Manager

⢠PO2 Benjamin Silverapineda, Ordnance Qualification Certification Program Training Petty Officer


⢠PO2 Michael Burger Jr., Ordnance Handling Quality Assurance Safety Observer

⢠PO2 Mallory Burton, Ordnance Load Handling Team Leader

⢠PO2 Leonardo Vasquez, Ordnance Quality Assurance Safety Observer


⢠Brett Bailey, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Ordnance 


⢠Carl Champagne, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Unscheduled Maintenance Supervisor

⢠Roy Cleveland, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Quality Assurance Supervisor

⢠Henry Johnson Jr., United Research Services (URS) Material Control Supervisor

⢠Matthew Mayon, Island Creek Associates Central Technical Publication Librarian

⢠Robert Neutz, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Site Supervisor

⢠Gary Owens, The Boeing Company P-8A Poseidon Site Activation Support Team Lead And Maintenance Material Control Supervisor

⢠Thomasena Roberts, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Logs and Records Supervisor

⢠Robert Silva, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Maintenance Training Coordinator

⢠Francisco Trevizo, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Avionics Maintenance Supervisor

⢠James Tyler, United Research Services (URS) Corporation Phase Maintenance Supervisor