By Julie M. Lucas
NAS Jacksonville Public Affairs Office

NAS Jacksonville Safety Office decided to liven up the winter safety standdown with a comedian. Steve Verret, originally from Louisiana, brings humor to traffic schools in California.

"All I ask you to do is have enthusiasm," Verret said. 

Verret began the training by splitting up the room into two sections and asked questions.

Based on laughter and participation, he assigned points and mentioned door prizes.

Some of the questions asked included what color of car most commonly get pulled over as well as what color of car gets in the least amount of crashes.

"It's hard to get into a crash when the police have you pulled over to get a ticket," Verret said.

Verret went over excuses people give for not using their seatbelt and then debunked them all. He spoke about damages people have received at different speeds to include after being hit at 8 mph, a woman's head hit the steering wheel and knocked out all her teeth.

Verret then spoke about how to properly wear a seatbelt and stressed the importance of other riders in the car to also use their seatbelt.

"It might be awkward to ask people riding in your car to put on their seatbelt but you are the captain of the ship," he said.

"It is important for infants to be rear facing for their protection and so that you have a witness if you are rear ended!"

Installation Safety Manager Ron Williamson said that he asked Verret to perform at NAS Jax after seeing him at a conference.

"I like speakers that use humor as a training tool," Williamson said.

"Safety standdown does not have to be dry and boring."

Verret acted out a talk show with the audience participating by yelling out answers and finished the presentation by adding comments from the audience into a story.

"This was the best safety standdown ever and I learned a lot from it," said Petty Officer 2nd Class Erin Goodyear.