By Clifford Davis
Fleet Readiness Center Southeast Public Affairs

With increasing demand for aircraft and components in Fiscal Year 2016, hiring new employees was critical for Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE).

Leadership of the aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul facility set a goal to hire 320 new production employees in Fiscal Year 2016, and an employee who had a major part in exceeding that goal is now the human resources department's inaugural employee of the year. 

Veneditte Acoba personally processed 207 new production hires for FRCSE in Fiscal Year 2016, making up 62 percent of all the facility's external hiring in production. 

"The thing that made me really reflect on her accomplishments was that there were a lot of things that could have prevented her from reaching those goals," said Ponhara Po, a supervisory human resources specialist. "But she found a way to work through them. Her work ethic is amazing. 

"She put in a lot of overtime to hit our goal, but she's a very positive person and is easy to work with."

After a NAVAIR climate survey, FRCSE Human Resources Director Brenda Mick-McMahan, along with a group of others, decided to institute a recognition program for her department's employees. The result was an employee of the quarter and employee of the year program.

"Our managers are invested in doing it, and it worked out really well this year," Po said. "We got a lot of nominations, and it culminated with Veneditte being selected as our employee of the year. 

"We're planning on forwarding it up to headquarters, because NAVAIR has an award for the human resources employee of the year."

Acoba has 28 years in government human resources experience. She came to FRCSE four years ago.

"The only thing that is a little different here is the volume of hiring," Acoba said. "But I work with a tremendous group of people, and it took all of us to reach the hiring goals that were set.

"This is an accomplishment I'm extremely proud of."