By Julie M. Lucas
NAS Jacksonville Public Affairs

"Everyone sitting in this room has the gift of leadership, but you might have to take a deeper look inside yourself," said Petty Officer 1st Class Tyler Beidelman to the audience gathered for Naval Air Station Jacksonville's Sailor of the Quarter recognition luncheon Oct. 26. 

Ninety-eight Sailors from 27 commands were recognized at the lunch.

NAS Jax Command Master Chief CMDCM (AW/SW) Jeffery Waters served as emcee of the event and following the national anthem and invocation, he  spoke about the importance of coming together honor the awardees.

"We remain committed to carving out a chunk of precious time to recognize the incredible contributions, service and sacrifices of our sharpest Sailors," Waters said.

Following Waters, Beidelman spoke about what it takes to be a leader.

"Leaders are committed to doing the right thing on and off duty. When the eyes aren't watching, a leader still holds high integrity at all times," he said.

Beidelman just returned from deployment with VP-8, serves as a volunteer swim coach, compared leadership to water.

"Swimmers look smooth and effortless because they practice. A non-swimmer fights the water because it is a new element. What is seemingly impossible to one person, with the right attitude or work ethic, you can become a great swimmer and the same can be applied to becoming a great leader," Beidelman said.

Following lunch, NAS Jax Commanding Officer Capt. Sean P. Haley addressed the audience, echoing statements from earlier speakers on the importance of  leadership.

"These are truly our best and brightest - Sailors who are complete dedicated  to the mission at hand and take their oath very seriously. They are simply committed to putting themselves last; focusing their efforts on taking care of their country, their command and their shipmates," Haley said.

Haley presented all awardees with a $25 Visa gift card, courtesy of VyStar Credit Union. The Navy Exchange had distributed 10 percent discount certificates to all winners. The Coca-Cola Company donated four passes to Walt Disney World to two winners. The names drawn were Seaman Justin Bacher from VP-62 and Petty Officer 1st Class Cody Brissey, VUP-19 Sea Component. 

One of the awardees, Petty Officer 3rd Class Robert Hebb from Southeast Regional Calibration Center is new to the command.

"I like to always help out the command whenever they need. Sailors need to be extraordinary and put in extra effort to stand out," Hebb said. 

Morale Welfare and Recreation would like to thank USAA and First Command for sponsoring the FY-16 Sailor of the Quarter luncheons.

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SSOQ - PO1 Stanley Dunnaway

SOQ - PO2 Lisa Moore

JSOQ - PO3 Brittni Latterell

BJOQ - SN Lauryn Lubenstein


SOQ- PO1 George Haro

JSOQ- PO2 Joi Scavella



SSOQ PO1 Kirstine Huey 

SOQ PO2 Clayton Brown 

JSOQ PO3 Brigitte Diaz 

BJOQ- SN Jacob Trowbridge


JSOQ: PO3 Jonathan Perez

BJOQ: SN Natalie Sobczak


SOQ: PO1 Jake Christian 

BJOQ: PO3 Kim Williams 


SSOQ- PO1 Michael Ducker

SOQ- PO2 Soroush Kalhor

JSOQ- PO3 Joesther Hovda

BJOQ- SN Sonja Peguese 


SSOQ- PO1 Stephen Hayes

SOQ- PO2 Dylan Pfeifle

JSOQ- PO3 Bobbye Duncan

BJOQ: SN Jacquelyn E. Gilmore

VP- 16

SSOQ - PO1 John Herrman

JSOQ - PO2 Daniel Mattssonboze

BJOQ - PO3 Lawaan Hackney


SSOQ- PO1 Deseret Dejesus

SOQ- PO2 Juan Cornierlancara

JSOQ- PO3 Rachelle Maghiarteitsworth

BJOQ- SN Tatiana Perez: 


SSOQ-   PO1 Cory Suain

SOQ  -  PO2 Mackenzie Lane

BJOQ- SN Andrew Morrison



SSOQ- PO1 Jake Brown

JSOQ- PO2 Stephon Samuel

BJOQ- SN Ernest Edwards Jr.


SSOQ- PO1 Daren McGuire

JSOQ- PO2 Angel Allende

BJOQ-  SN Deyjah Woods


FTS SOQ - PO1 Lakita Jessie

FTS JSOQ - PO2 Elizabeth Haddock

FTS BJOQ - SN Samantha Martinez

SELRES SOQ - PO1 Maureen Sanders

SELRES JSOQ - PO2 Timothy Vincent

SELRES BJOQ - PO3 Sandra Cuesta


SOQ: PO1 Jimmy Ballard

JSOQ: PO2 Tonya Wright

MOQ: Sgt Dillon McNeill


SSOQ: PO1 John Urban 

SOQ: PO2 Brittany Darnell

BJOQ: SN Alexander Tucker 


SSOQ- PO1 Crystal Jennings

JSOQ- PO2 Justin Rundhaug

BJOQ- PO3 Adam Bowser


Shore Component:

SSOQ- PO1 Justin Kaighn

JSOQ- PO2 Davier Zapata

BJOQ- SN Shaniece Swient

Sea Component:

SOQ- PO1 Cody Brissey

JSOQ- PO2 Dustin Bannister

BJOQ- PO3 Aaron Wright


SSOQ- PO1 Christopher Cook

SOQ- PO2 Borg Miller

JSOQ- PO3Gerald Williams

BJOQ- Seaman Mario Taylor



JSOQ- PO2 Larry Price 

BJOQ- SN Justin Bacher


SOQ- PO1 Ronald Wright 

JSOQ- PO2 Jack Smith 

BJOQ- PO3 Blane Donahue 


SSOQ- PO1 Levi Coppage

JSOQ- PO2 Robert Zaruba


SSOQ- PO1 Alexandria Artis

SOQ- PO2 Curvy Buford

JSOQ- PO3 Kyle Hamlin

BJOQ- SN Olivia Martinez


BJOQ - SN Tyler Mooney



SOQ- PO1 Christopher Buckley

JSOQ- PO2 Shanna Ball

BLOQ- PO3 Madeline Belding


SOQ- PO1 Thomas Gribben

JSOQ- PO2 Dennis Buchanan

BJOQ- PO3 William Thompson


SOQ- PO1 Derek Shairs

JSOQ- PO2 Edwin Ricks

BJOQ- PO3 Robert Hebb


SSOQ- PO1 Levi Coppage

JSOQ- PO2 Robert Zaruba


SOQ- PO1 Vanessa Phipps

JSOQ- PO2 Ahjia McNeill 



SSOQ- PO1 Vanessa Morrison

JSOQ- PO2 Dannia Williams

BJOQ- PO3 Matthew Pindras


SSOQ- PO1 Adam Corner

JSOQ- PO2 Cyrena Washington

BJOQ- PO3 Alexa Mendezmontanez


SSOQ- PO1 Kens Jeancharles

SOQ- PO2 Johnathan Turner

BJOQ- PO3Jason Barnes