Team Jax,

As we recover from the impact of Hurricane Matthew, I would like to take this opportunity to offer  my sincere gratitude to each member of the NAS Jacksonville team. 

Matthew could have been a catastrophic event on our installation, however, our cohesive teamwork and preparation resulted in only minor damage across the installation. Most importantly, we experienced no injuries to our personnel or families as a result of the storm. 

The uncertainty of Hurricane Matthew's ultimate path afforded us minimal time to get fully prepared and avoid a potential crisis. Each of you displayed enormous discipline during the preparations and I could not be more proud of our collective efforts.

From the first helicopter that was stored in Hangar 1122 to the last P-8 that departed NAS Jacksonville for Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, to the hundreds of actions completed to prepare our hangars and infrastructure for a Category 4 hurricane, to the welcoming of Navy families that relocated from Mayport and Blount Island to NAS Jacksonville - it was all accomplished quickly, professionally and without a single glitch. I think, that alone, speaks volumes on how NAS Jacksonville operates as a team.

It was also my privilege to work closely with so many of you pre- and post- Matthew, especially our first responders - fire and security personnel - and the NAS Jacksonville Emergency Management Officer Ray Edmond. Therefore, I want to publicly recognize them for their efforts throughout the storm. Your commitment to the safety and well being of all of our personnel and our mission is simply commendable. 

Thank you all. I am truly honored to be part of the NAS Jacksonville team. 

Sean P. Haley

Captain, U.S. Navy