From Staff

Naval Air Station Jacksonville won its 6th CEL & Associates "A List Crystal" award for excellence in customer service. 

The station's unaccompanied housing received the "A List Crystal" award for achieving the highest level and quality of service as rated by their residents with an overall score of 85 percent or greater and with a response rate of 20 percent or greater.

NAS Jacksonville Unaccom-panied Housing staff, led by Manager Beverly Nix, received a service rating of 89.2 and 76.4 percent response rate. 

"Throughout the years, we strived to improve in customer service and maintenance response time.  We assure our residents during our weekly indoctrination session that every effort will be made to make their stay in the barracks comfortable, relaxing and a safe environment," said Nix. 

She continues to remind her staff to always treat the residents as they themselves want to be treated.

Nix and her staff thank all of the residents who participated in the survey process and the tenant commands that provide bi-weekly inspections. 

Special thanks go to Housing Director Mike Herbert, who always provides support, as well as special thanks to Vern Smith, Public Works Department Facility Manager for ensuring that maintenance issues are corrected in a timely manner.