By Clark Pierce

NAS Jacksonville Executive Officer Capt. Howard Wanamaker visited the Ground Electronics Maintenance Division (GEMD) recently to perform quality assurance compliance for the tactical air navigation (TACAN) system that military pilots use to determine bearing and distance to an airfield.

Division LCPO Jose Luna explained, "Many maintenance procedures require maintenance and material management (3M) spot checks to ensure compliance with proper maintenance procedures. This is key to maintaining aviation safety at NAS Jacksonville." 

"After reviewing the TACAN maintenance records, we'll drive Capt. Wanamaker to the TACAN tower near the middle of the airfield where he will review the 3M requirement cards - and then perform a bottom-to-top visual inspection," said Luna.

Wanamaker said that he performs periodic 3M inspections at different departments throughout the base. "Unlike the galley, the barracks or the air terminal, today's inspection is challenging because it requires me to climb aloft about 70 feet with a GEMD maintainer. Wearing a safety harness is mandatory, so we should be safe and secure."

He added, "The Navy's 3M program is very important in maintaining readiness. I'll be performing a visual quality assurance check of a recent TACAN maintenance procedure."

The NAS Jacksonville GEMD provides inspection, maintenance and repair of airfield navigation aids, radar, communications and ancillary electronic equipment, including runway lighting. GEMD also performs periodic testing, maintenance and repair of air traffic control navigational aids and VHF/UHF communications.